Razy Faouri

     Razy Faouri is a California based skateboarding photographer that is able to capture more than just the trick. He is able to to show us the emotional relationship between a person and their struggle and celebration to over come an obstacle. Skateboarding is one of the greatest ways to create and experience the greatest pleasures of life, and if there is one thing that Razy thinks is important, it is to have fun.

Home Town: Pomona, California

Equipment: 5d mkii, 7d, Olympus stylus 120 and my best camera is my Canon Ae-1

What catches your eye when you're taking photos?: Good Lighting and a good Composition to be made.

What do you want viewers to take away from your work?: Have Fun!

Of everyone you've photographed, who shreds the hardest?: If I had to choose the person that shredded the hardest it would be Jonathan Seiberling. But my favorite person to shoot would be my homie John Duran. He is the most creative person I have ever shot.

What is it you love about photography?: My favorite part is shooting with my friends, and the dark room.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?: My favorite photographers would be Grant Brittain, Glen E. Friedman, and Anthony Acosta.

Any upcoming shows/gallery openings?: Nothing too major just might have a couple prints in this group show my friend Omar is putting together at the Dominguez Hills Art Collective at CSU.

Any new zines?: The only new ones I have right now are just Promo zines I made to give away. But the most recent zine I made was a group zine that sold out quick. I was super hyped to put together with my friends Chris Park, Nick Jojola, Cameron Strand and Michael Rodriguez.

Instagram: @razyfaouri

Website: www.RazyFaouri.com